What is so special about the Harry Potter series

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Harry Potter since its inception from the first series till the last one has won the hearts of many around the world. A lot of us watched Harry Potter and saw the characters growing up. We also grew up along with them and continued enjoying the series. It has garnered many fans over the past years and continues to be one of the most famous movie series of all times. So why has the fantasy-themed book gained so much popularity and had been adapted into a movie series? Why has it appealed to people of all ages? What is so special about the series? We have researched and found that the following are the reasons why the series are so special to fans:

Magic and imagination:

Harry Potter takes one into a different world where magic is possible and magical creatures exist. Yes, there are a lot of movies which takes us into a magical world but what makes Harry Potter different is the creativity to details put into the movie. As a child who watches the movie, one can’t help but be appealed by the magical land and characters who can perform magic. Even as an adult, the plot and characters appeal to the population. One can also find all the elements of the real world- love, power, corruption, courage, friendship, hardships, betrayal, etc.

Growing up with the characters:

If one has been hooked on the series from the beginning or midway, you can’t help but love fall in love with the characters. You watch them laugh, cry, face adversities since they were small, see them as teenagers and watch them grow up as young adults. This makes the series very special to viewers.

Characters and casts:

The characters have been creatively and smartly introduced by J.K.Rowling. Each character is unique and plays a significant role in making the series special. The casts make it more special by playing out the characters as they were written in the movie. Right from the main casts Harry, Ron and Hermione to the evil Voldemort with their own rich stories just makes the movies even more special.


The plot in each movie shows how much thinking and planning has been carried out by J.K.Rowling. The details, suspense, climax, entertainment, creativity, action and characters have always managed to leave viewers wanting for more. The unpredictability of the movie also makes it special, and one can’t help but get sucked into the movie. It also appeals to people of all ages.

The connection between fantasy and the real world:

While watching the movie, there are many moments which makes you feel like you can relate to the characters or the relationships be it Harry’s relationship with his uncle and aunt in the first series or his friendship with Ron and Hermione, the teachers, peers at Hogwarts, etc. We also see them achieving dreams, facing adversities, losing loved ones and more. Although it is a fantasy based movie, it also portrays real life happenings.

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