Top 5 educational movies for your kid

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There are various genres in the world of movies, and all genres might not be fit for kids. Some parents might be more alert about letting their child watch certain genres. However, there are also many movies for children that are fun as well as educational. Hence we have prepared a list of top 5 educational movies which you and your child can watch.

Berenstain Bears:

The Berenstain Bears is a movie adaptation of the series of books by authors Stan and Jan Berenstain. It is a wonderful yet educational movie about a family which started airing from 2003. Children can relate to the two children in the movie Brother and Sister bear and also learn a lot of lessons from their lives. The movie portrays important lessons that a child can learn from such as kindness, love, responsibility and more.

Inside Out:

Inside out is a great movie that has been released not long back in 2015. It is an excellent movie to help your child learn about their emotions. The fun packed movie sets out on an adventure of the human mind and the universal emotions one usually has. It also shows how a child grows and emotions change over time. Inside out is a great movie which has been produced in consultation with professional psychologists. Hence do watch the movie with your child or sibling if you haven’t.

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:

Another movie on our top 5 list of educational movies for your kid is Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It can teach your child about the importance of honesty even when one is amongst others who practice unfair methods just win. It is an adventurous movie where Charlie visits the chocolate factory with four other children. The children have a chance to a lifetime supply of chocolates. Throughout the tour and adventure in the chocolate factory, Charlie remains truthful and humble and eventually wins the prize at the end.

Happy Feet:

Happy feet is an animated musical film which can teach your child about how no one is small, and one can achieve big things in life. It is a movie that is definitely on our top 5 list that also teaches children about the importance of positive attitude. The movie also lets one realise that everyone is special and one should not discriminate others or look down on others who are different. It also touches upon topics like working together.

A little princess:

The last movie on our top 5 list of education movies for children is ‘A little princess’. It is a great movie about challenges in life and staying humble and honest amidst difficulties. It also shows how one can overcome challenges. The movie is about a ten-year-old girl Sara Crewe who lives a life of luxury but loses the privileges in an instance. However, she remains humble and honest despite everything. She continues being a kind and compassionate girl winning the hearts of many.


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