Why did binge-watching become so popular?

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Something new

Not so long ago the term “binge-watching” sounded so weird to many people. However, it seems that these days it is all that the majority of teens and young adults do. So, what is it and why did it become so popular? We used to just watch a movie or an episode from a TV series once in a while, but all of that has changed.  

So, the idea of binge-watching is actually quite simple: it consists of watching multiple episodes or movies one after one. Sometimes people finish a whole season of some TV show in one day. Chances are that your first thought was about how terrible this is for your eyes, and that is completely true. However, it seems that binge-watching is extremely liked. Why? 

Thanks to Netflix 

It is safe to say that this phenomenon started due to Netflix. Its TV series got more and more captivating, and people just did not want to stop watching. They started watching more than 10 episodes in one day, and others followed too. The idea of watching something for a long period of time actually sounds nice, as you can watch the show really fast and know what will happen.  

Better than studying 

Moreover, watching so many episodes or movies in one go takes up quite a bit of your time. You might think that this is negative, but not really. Young adults and teenagers can use this as an excuse not to prepare for a stressful deadline or a test.  

Watching TV series is very relaxing, as you do not need to think about anything else. This works almost as good as playing online casino games, which really take away all of the anxiety and stress. You can find out more about that if you press this link. We live in a world where so many people have to face stress every day. That is why I am happy that people are finding different solutions to that. 

So impatient 

It seems that people just do not want to wait when it comes to movies and episodes. Somehow the idea of watching everything on the same day has become more appealing than making a break for a few days or even hours. We want everything now. I will leave it up to you to decide whether it is a good thing because I will be busy binge-watching another show. 

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