Best Sci-Fi movies that everyone should watch at least once

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As a kid, the majority of us have read a sci-fi comic, novel or watched a movie and wondered how the future would be like. There have been many great sci-fi movies in the past, and the recent ones have stepped up their game regarding graphics and plots with the advancement of technology and more people releasing great movies. Here are our list of best sci-fi movies both recent and old that we recommend everyone must watch

Children of Men:

This movie has been given the title one of the best sci-fi movies of the twenty-first century by many. Children of Men is about a dystopian future where a woman is pregnant in a world where children are nowhere to be found, and human beings cannot have babies. It is a great sci-fi movie which is unpredictable and has an intriguing plot. It is a definite must to watch if you haven’t.

Star Wars series:

All the star wars movies are all top-rated in the sci-fi genre. It is difficult for us to choose the best star wars movies hence we would recommend all the star wars movies to you if you haven’t watched it. Created by George Lucas, Star Wars centres on adventures in space. There are various species of living and non-living beings. There are two major factions (The Jedi and the Sith) who can use an infinite energy called The Force. The movies are packed with thrilling fun and suspense. Do make sure to watch it.


Alien is a classic sci-fi movie released in 1979 and has been one of the most popular sci-fi movies till date. Its setting is in space where aliens invade the starshipNostromo which is in its journey towards home. In an unusual and thrilling event, the crew of the starship finds eggs. The crew now has to protect themselves from the attacks of aliens hatching from the eggs and find their way back home. The movie Alien won a lot of awards and nominations after its release. It has also released novels, games, toys and comic books.

The Terminator:

Another movie on our list is the Terminator. It was directed by James Cameron and is a popular sci-fi movie till date. The terminator lives in the year 2029 and travels back in time to 1984 on a mission to kill Sarah Connor. He was sent on a mission because her son was supposed to be the hero against the machines in future. The Terminator is a movie which has everything a great plot, cast and effects.


Inception is a great twenty-first-century sci-fi movie which has garnered a lot of attention. The movie is the story of an extremely skilled thief(played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who steals information from people’s subconscious. It is an intense, creative and smart movie that you should definitely watch.

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