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Do Action Heroes Carry Moral Responsibility?

Movies have an impact on our modern-day lives. Maybe as much as celebrity feuds or floods half-way around the world, meaning not a large one. Still, they do have some impact, especially on the kids that idolize movie starts and the characters they portray – the Iron Man, Spider Man, Batman, Wonder Woman and every […]

Top 5 Hollywood action heroes of all time

Action movies have always been a major part of the various movie genres available. With intriguing action scenes and stunts, it always leaves viewers wanting for more. There are many actors who have left a huge impact in the history of action movies, and it ‘s hard to narrow it down to just a few […]

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Top 5 educational movies for your kid

There are various genres in the world of movies, and all genres might not be fit for kids. Some parents might be more alert about letting their child watch certain genres. However, there are also many movies for children that are fun as well as educational. Hence we have prepared a list of top 5 […]

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