I’m a big fan of this 2016 film. Of course it stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Loved seeing them together as love interests. But I liked the science fiction of this film. I liked the concept of the story. Robinson Crusoe stuck on a space ship. The story has been done a million times but it seems like a science fiction spin is an obvious win. I also loved the cameo from one of my all time favorite actors Andy Garcia.

I found the pace of the film entertaining. I liked the simplicity of the story. It hit all the beats. I’m curious why the reviews never seemed too good. There is nothing wrong with this movie. It’s science fiction for people who love science fiction and it’s a movie that the masses can also enjoy. Proof is the box office draw of over $300 million so the film made some money.

I wanted to post it here just because it’s the kind of film that works on second and third viewings. And it seems to have been forgotten about.

There was an old EC comic book with a story “50 Girls 50” by one of the great science fiction artists Al Williamson. You might be familiar with him from his work drawing the star wars comic strip. George Lucas specifically requested him for the job.