10 Tips For Filming No Budget

1 – Call time is usually ten to fifteen minutes early. If your not early your late is what everyone believes in the business. 2 – make sure people wear proper shoes 3 – watch the trash and parking on neighboring properties. At the end of the day have someone pick up all the trash […]

Post Production

If you follow this blog and like the other concepts that we talk about. I want to talk about what I believe is the most important task if you are going to make a movie with little to no money. This task that you must master is post production and non-linear editing. The reason is […]

Why Not Make A Film With Your iPhone

A few years ago I watched a movie called Tangerine. It debuted at Sundance and had a good buzz and I noticed one of the streaming services had picked it up. I remember turning it on and the first scene was in a diner with two transvestites talking.  My first reaction was the acting was […]


I’m a big fan of this 2016 film. Of course it stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Loved seeing them together as love interests. But I liked the science fiction of this film. I liked the concept of the story. Robinson Crusoe stuck on a space ship. The story has been done a million times […]

Straight To Video

I have a theory I want to present as the thesis for this blog. You can make a lot of money filming videos and getting them on Amazon prime. Especially if you are okay earning a few pennies per minute from amazon as people watch your film.  I understand it’s very tough to get stuff […]